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201 Jesus will return to a wicked Earth
202 You can witness, but only the Spirit can convert
203 Is your knowledge of Jesus second-hand?
204 'Sin' by another name
205 Is your life a rebuke to an ungodly world?
206 'Who' comes first, 'What' comes after
207 Are you ready to answer?
208 Judgement and discernment
209 One-sided forgiveness
210 Holiness the goal, not heaven
211 Waiting for God or taking responsibility
212 Grace a cover, not a cover-up
213 Believers or professors?
214 Suffer for the gospel
215 Separation is God's fundamental principle
216 Character and fruit inseparable
217 Be mindful of your state
218 The believer's high calling
219 Contentment requires practice
220 The main focus of Jesus' message
221 It's still either/or
222 How to train a child
223 Hold fast or perish
224 The commandments summed up
225 Satan's helpers in the church
226 Cultural relevance or deviation from orthodoxy?
227 I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy
228 Apparent contradictions
229 Tuned to the right pitch
230 Is he your shepherd?
231 God takes falsehood seriously!
232 Knowledge without truth
233 A reproof of today's church
234 Whoever forgives little, loves little
235 Using what you have
236 It takes a brave man to speak the truth
237 Are you a passive follower?
238 Called to be a watchman
239 Worse than an unbeliever