The Tabernacle Scroll

Issue 4

"….I have treasured the words of his mouth more than my daily bread"- Job 23:12

The extent to which you trust God's word is the extent to which you will reap His blessings. God's word is the very expression of himself, the way in which He communicates who He is, and what his will is for our lives.

It is amazing how many people would balk at the idea of having to go without any natural food for a few years or even months. Similarly, they would consider it absolute nonsense if I were to suggest that a meal eaten at the start of a week should be sufficient to last them for the whole week. Yet many live their spiritual lives on "morsels", picked up once a week! Some have not had any spiritual food for years and are spiritually dead because of it!

Spiritual food, like natural food, is to be consumed every day! When we begin the day with the Bible (and of course with prayer), we enter the day with the right perspective. Here are some suggestions I came across as to how we should approach our time of Bible reading:

We should come to the Bible believingly. The bible is not just a good book; it is God's book. There's not much point reading it if you do not believe that it is the Living Word of God!

We should come to the Bible expectantly. The Bible is alive with meaning. Expect it to speak to you and it will.

We should come to it without hurrying. The deep things of God are not available to the one who does not think about (i.e., meditate upon) what he has read. If you were to run through the forest you would probably hear and see very little. But if you were to sit down, the animals and birds would come out and even draw near to you and you will hear all the sounds of nature because you are quiet and receptive! You cannot explore if you are in a hurry!

We should be willing to surrender. Jesus, speaking to the Pharisees said that those who were willing to hear truth would receive it (John 7:17). The moment we stop "listening" and "obeying", at that moment revelation ceases!

Are you looking to hear from God? Then let this expression of David's be yours too: "Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path" (Ps. 119:105).

In closing, let us remember this: you cannot love God more than you love His Word! Stop fooling yourself.

Have you had your spiritual food today?

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