The Tabernacle Scroll

Issue 21

"The word which they heard did not profit them" Hebrews 4:2

The Bible teaches us very clearly that our lives will remain unproductive unless we begin to put into practice what we say we believe. We all try to find the most effective combination of bible-reading, praying, church-going and good works. Whilst these have a proper place in our Christian walk, if we lack the essential element of faith, we will not experience any significant spiritual growth.

Faith is the power that opens the door into the power and authority given to the church individually and corporately. How can we understand the way faith works? As we know, there are many things that we understand about natural things, which enable us to understand spiritual things. Jesus spoke in parables, explaining spiritual truths by using examples from everyday life and nature.

Let's take the same approach. In chemistry, for example, we learn that if we mix oxygen and hydrogen (the two chemical components of water), nothing happens. But when we add a small amount of platinum to this mixture, a chemical change takes place very quickly. The atoms of oxygen and hydrogen unite to form a new molecule, which we know as H2O. Where we previously had just oxygen and hydrogen (two gases), we now have water (a liquid).

What have we learned from this example? Platinum was the element that was needed to be added in order to bring about a combination of the oxygen and hydrogen atoms in a way that produced something different. In this instance, the platinum (a natural substance) was acting as a catalyst. In the same way Faith (a spiritual substance) acts as a catalyst in spiritual things. But Faith goes further still. It goes through the spiritual to touch the natural! That's why miracles happen!

Faith must be present in our hearts if we are to experience progress in our relationship with the Lord. We must rely wholeheartedly on the wisdom and integrity of God's word, and be confident that He can and will do what He promised. When we exercise our confidence in the Lord, we will begin to see the difference that He can make in our lives. Only then will we experience the chemistry of spiritual change.

Have you been juggling with various combinations of prayer, bible-reading and church-going in an effort to see your prayers answered? It's time to step out in accordance with what you profess about this great God you serve. Believing is evidenced by appropriate action! Without faith it is impossible to please God.

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