The Tabernacle Scroll

Issue 24

" I was glad when they said to me, 'let us go into the house of the Lord'"-Psalm 122:1.

We are living in a 'user-friendly' age. Please the consumer no matter what! This philosophy may be sound for those who are in the business of selling a product or service, but it is not meant to be true of God's church. The deception in this philosophy lies in the emphasis on 'user' and 'consumer' satisfaction. When we have a 'user' or 'consumer' mentality we look for a good bargain. But the church does not exist to please people. The church is simply the visible expression of God's presence on earth in his people - that is, those who are called to do His will. This implies pleasing God rather than man. Therefore, contrary to the world's philosophy, the true church should inculcate a spirit of giving rather than getting. This might not attract many people, but it will certainly be in accordance with all of Jesus' teachings about those who would follow him (better to give than to receive; the first last and the last first; serve not be served, die in order to live, etc). The true church worships in spirit AND in truth.

Someone once said "Getting little or no benefit from a worship service is somewhat like going into a huge department store and coming out with a 99-cent item. Even though there are literally thousands of dollars' worth of merchandise available, the shopper will go away with value only for what he has come prepared to give".

We must be alert to the ramifications of our motives in coming to church. When we come expecting a blessing, we have simply taken the first step to receiving one. But to come away with our hearts filled and our minds renewed we must then participate with a genuine desire to hear God speak to us through the Word. Attending church merely out of a sense of duty, entertaining a critical attitude, or bearing ill will towards fellow members, will ensure that we depart empty-handed.

Equally important is our ability to maintain our focus in worship. Distractions will always come. When we get caught up in the 'happenings' around us, we get into the flesh even though we have started in the spirit. Remember also that our adversary the devil is constantly at work trying to discourage us and to instill fear and doubt into our hearts. His objective is to create an atmosphere where faith can be eroded. He brings distractions at just the right time - when we are worshiping God! Keep your eyes on worshiping God. Don't give place to the flesh or to the devil. If you do these things you will be blessed!

To be spiritually fed, you need to go to church with a good appetite, not a bad attitude.

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