The Tabernacle Scroll

Issue 32

“We do not know what we should pray for as we ought, but the Spirit Himself makes intercession for us” (Rom.8: 26).

Everyone knows that in order to be physically fit and healthy, good food, regular exercise and a healthy mind are important requisites. Not just one, but all three have an important part to play. Our spiritual bodies are no different. We need to feed them with wholesome food, pay close attention to our attitudes of mind and make sure we get the right sort of exercise daily. We are to feed on the word of God, be renewed by the transforming of our minds and of course develop the appropriate spiritual exercises to keep us in good shape.

There are many different spiritual exercises that we may practice. Every one of them is a form of discipline. However, simply doing an exercise regularly does not of itself guarantee the results. Every serious exerciser knows that! It is important to have the right motivation and to understand the benefits and/or consequences of the exercise being done correctly or incorrectly.

Prayer is one of the most important spiritual exercises for a believer. Jesus the Son of God and Lord of all, spent whole nights in prayer whilst he lived on earth. In those long hours, Jesus communed with His Father. His prayers were not just petitions to get something. Too often we think of prayer as a way to get God to do things for us or for others. But the highest purpose of prayer is to deepen our relationship with Him. The Holy Spirit enables us to draw near to Him.

Prayer is more than just petition or intercession. It also involves communion. In petition, God does something FOR us; in intercession, He does something THROUGH us; and in communion He does something IN us.

Our prayer will become less self- focused and more God-centred as we draw close to Him, seeking His glory and submitting our requests to His will. Only real communion (i.e. relationship) can do this. It is the lifeline that connects us to God. When it is severed our petitions and intercessions are nothing but idle chatter.

In communion we develop our relationship with God. When we are in communion with Him we actually sense His presence. Communion allows God’s power to flow into our lives as we bow before Him, acknowledging Him as Lord of all. It allows us to speak with Him as our Father who offers us release, comfort and peace as we wait on Him in prayer.

When we pray, how much of our time is spent really communing with the Lord?

            Devotional                                                                                                                     The Word with Pastor Joseph Rodrigues