The Tabernacle Scroll

Issue 51

“The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?” (Jeremiah 17:9)

The devil loves to help us to walk in spiritual blindness. Spiritual blindness is not a weapon he uses against us. Rather, it is a strategy (a well-devised scheme) that he uses to keep us doing his work whilst we think we are really doing God’s work!

Christians (yes, born-again people like you and I), can sit under the constant teaching of the Bible but nevertheless be deceived about their own sins. The reason for this is, because we often think that consent to the teaching of scripture is equivalent to obedience. So when we hear a point of application in a sermon, or discover it ourselves during our daily readings, or even perhaps through someone’s counsel, we are quick to say “yes, that’s true; that’s something I need to act upon”. But we don’t take it any further than that. James tells us that when we do that we deceive ourselves! (SEE James. 1:22)

When we are deceived we run the risk of spiritual pride. As we become more established in ‘correct doctrines’ and ‘proper theology’, we can easily overlook the fact of our own spiritual poverty! In the process we can easily overlook our unforgiving spirit, our habits of talking ill about others, and a whole host of other character deficiencies! And this is where the devil would love to help us remain!

King David found himself in just such a state when he was confronted by Nathan in the matter of his adultery with Batsheba and his involvement in her husband’s subsequent murder to cover up his sin (read the whole bit in Samuel 12: 1-13). Nathan first spoke indirectly about David’s sin, using the analogy of a poor man who was treated unjustly. David did not see that Nathan was actually talking about him! In fact, he was angered by the story of what had been done to the poor man and wanted to condemn his oppressor to death. Why was David not able to apply the analogy of the poor man to the reality of his own circumstances? Because he was spiritually blind! It was only when Nathan said outright “you are the man”, that David was able to see the awful wickedness of his crime. He repented immediately.

Sometimes a brother or sister in Christ may point out our sin to us, like Nathan did with David. That’s good! But we still need the Holy Spirit to enable us to accept it and respond with proper repentance. It is His ministry to make us see that we are poverty-stricken because of our sins. We must not rely on our feelings! Rather, we must depend on Him to open the inner resources of our hearts and reveal hidden sins.

If we are prepared to listen, we will hear him say, “you are that man!”

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