The Tabernacle Scroll

Issue 56

“He is not here but has risen. Remember how he told you while he was still in Galilee, that the Son of man must be given over into the hands of sinful men (whose way or nature is to act in opposition to God) and be crucified and on the third day rise [from death]”. Luke 24: 6,7 Amplified Bible.

Our belief is in eternal life in and through the person and the work of Jesus, the Son of God. The truth is that Jesus is the source of our life and our abundance. Nothing can take his place. This is what we believe and this is what we teach.

The gospels tell us that Jesus took flesh (became man), was crucified, that he died, and that on the third day he rose from the dead "in accordance with the scriptures". Early on the day of his resurrection, as Mary Magdalene stood weeping at the empty tomb, Jesus appeared to her. Over a period of some weeks, Jesus appeared to his followers from time to time. He appeared to the disciples (Thomas being absent). Later when the unbelieving Thomas was together with them he showed him the imprint of the nails in his hands and feet. Thomas then believed and bowed down and worshipped him. He appeared to two disciples on their way to Emmaus. He appeared to his brother James. He appeared to over five hundred at another time. The disciples were eyewitnesses of his ascension into heaven. His appearances were not ghostly apparitions but in the flesh. He even ate with them!

So great was the power of the resurrection that graves were opened and many Old Testament saints rose up and went into the city. And this power dwells in you!

The Christian belief in the truth of the Resurrection has stood the test of the centuries. Every argument against the resurrection of Christ has been refuted by the sheer weight of the evidence in favour of it. Ours is not to doubt but to believe.

The resurrection of Christ is of cardinal importance to the Christian believer. Paul says "if Christ has not been raised, your faith is futile, and you are still in your sins' (1 Cor.15: 17). The point is that to ‘preach the gospel’ is to preach the incarnation, death, resurrection and the glorious ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is the ‘good news’ about how God sent his Son to be our Saviour. Paul warns us to beware of anyone who preaches any other gospel (that is, a gospel that adds to or that takes away from, these essential truths).

Christ’s resurrection has guaranteed that all men will rise again - some to everlasting judgment whilst some to everlasting life! What determines our eternal destiny is whether we belong to Christ or not. DO YOU?

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