The Tabernacle Scroll

Issue 80

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” (Rom. 8:28, emphasis mine).

We are often led to encourage people in difficulty from God’s word. This is a good thing. However, whenever we apply Scripture in a particular circumstance, we need to ensure that we keep it in context. Remember the old saying ‘a text without a context is a pretext’? We run the risk of abusing God’s word whenever we quote His word out of context. Why? Because His word is intended to bring life through the revealing of truth; it is not to be used to give people a false hope.

Let me explain. What this scripture is teaching us is this: Provided (1) we love God (i.e., walk in obedience) and (2) recognize his purposes for us and act accordingly, then, God promises to bring fulfillment into our lives. When these conditions are met, everything that happens in our lives (yes, even the unpleasant things, the persecutions, trials and difficulties) turn out for our good. We must fulfill the condition before we claim the promise. I cannot express it more simply!

The Bible is full of examples of men and women who lived according to God’s call and purpose in their lives. Chapter 11 of Hebrews lists some of these great men and women of faith. Not only were they blessed, but others were also blessed through their lives. Some were greater than others, but without exception, ‘everything worked for good’ in their lives. Their ministries were ‘according to God’s plan and purpose’. Ours should be likewise.

The test we face is this: are we really fitting into God’s plan for our life? Have we really considered what ministry is all about? We don’t find our ministries; rather, our ministries find us! Ministries emerge. They come out of a process that takes time and commitment in service to the Lord. Let me explain the process.

Firstly, we need to consider our heart’s desires and longings. This involves submitting them to God so as to be certain that they are also His. Secondly, we need to examine our abilities and our resources and invest in our spiritual growth into maturity. Jesus knew his calling even at the age of twelve, but he did not embark on his ministry till he was thirty! Thirdly, we need to develop the attitude of waiting and serving in the meantime. The most important question we need to ask is “Am I serving God now”? Am I faithful now; in church, at home, at work? In these you are already called to be ministers. He who is faithful in little will be given much.

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