The Tabernacle Scroll

Issue 86

"Who is willing to consecrate himself today to the Lord?”- (1 Chron. 29:5, NIV, emphasis mine).

Finding God’s plan and purpose for our lives does not depend upon prophetic pronouncements of God’s ‘calling’ into ministry. The general concept of ‘ministry’ as being a specialized function has led to two classes of believer: pew sitters and ministers. Nothing could be further from the truth! We did not give our lives to Christ simply so we could have a ticket to heaven. We are all priests in the Kingdom and therefore all have ministry responsibilities. We are all called to consecrate our lives to His service. However, unlike the OT priests, the service we render is no longer tied to the sacrificial system under the Law. Instead, our service has to do with the offering of spiritual sacrifices that are acceptable to God. Without going into a description of spiritual sacrifices, let it suffice for me to say that they are simply all those thoughts, words and actions that are directed towards praising and worshiping God, and are motivated by a clear conscience and a believing heart.

So, if you are still waiting to discover your ‘ministry’, perhaps you might never have considered the ministry that God expects of you TODAY. Here’s a poem I came across in a 1999 Issue of The Word For Today (Bob Gass Ministries). As you read it and consider it prayerfully, may the Holy Spirit reveal to you the services of the NT priesthood that are pleasing, holy and acceptable to God.

“You say you’ll do much in the years to come, but what have you done today?

You plan to give wealth in a princely sum, but how much have you given away?

You’ll heal broken hearts and dry every tear,

Bring to them hope and take away fear;

Carry His word to those far and near; but what have you done today?

You say you’ll be kind - after a while; but what have you done today?

The lonely and hurting wait for your smile, you promised to light their way!

Your aim is to give truth a grander birth, and to steadfast faith a deeper worth,

To carry his love to the ends of the earth, but what have you done today?

You plan to reap much in the by-and-by, but what have you sown today?

You plan to build mansions up in the sky, but what have you built today?

It’s nice to dream and in visions bask, but here and now have you done your task?

The only real question that matters, I ask, is what have you done today?”

            Devotional                                                                                                                            Preach The Word The Word with Pastor Joseph Rodrigues