The Tabernacle Scroll

Issue 89

"So you also must be ready, because the Son of man will come at an hour when you do not expect him” [Matt.24: 44, NIV, emphasis mine].

If there is one thing the Church of Jesus Christ needs to take hold of to be a powerful force in this world, it is the principle of learning to ‘live each day as if it were your last’. What I mean by it of course is that we must live as people who might be called to give account at short notice! This is a good and proper motivation for living each day in what the Bible calls ‘the fear of the Lord’. Living in the fear of the Lord denotes a lifestyle that places demands upon certain priorities that God has for us, such as holiness, without which “no one will see the Lord”.

In a world that is making every scientific endeavour to promote longevity of life and freedom from illness, it is easy for us to be comfortable with the world’s mindset. According to this mindset we live like it is okay to put off till tomorrow what really needs to be done today! Jesus warned us to be careful about this attitude towards life, because he would come back at a time when it was least expected. Now someone might argue, “But Jesus has not returned for two thousand years! This principle of living ‘as though his return was imminent’ clearly didn’t apply to all those Christians before us. Why should it apply to us? We, like them, do not have a date for his return!” To such a person, let me state this simple fact. Their death brought them face to face with Jesus, just as his physical return will bring those of us who are alive face to face with him when he returns! This truth remains - unexpectedly and instantly we shall be face to face with Jesus. Therefore, we should live as people who are prepared for this encounter.

Read for yourself Jesus’ account of the signs of the end of the age in the synoptic gospels. They were meant to be warnings of his imminent return. Now, though we might read many of these signs into recent world events, I believe that the overriding warning (take note of this) is our sudden, unprepared encounter with him. For some of us this encounter may well be at his return to earth. For others it might well be upon our departure from this earth through death. Whichever way it occurs for each individual, the question we must all ask ourselves is: ARE WE PREPARED? We must be ready, not be getting ready. There is a difference!

So, how do you know that you are ready? Jesus gives us the answer in verses 45 and 46. “Who then is the faithful and wise servant whom the Master has put in charge of the servants in his household to give them their food at the proper time? It will be good for that servant whose master finds him doing so when he returns!”

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