The Tabernacle Scroll

Issue 97

“God said to him “Fool! This night your soul will be required of you”-[Luke 12 :20].

Many people go to great lengths to ensure that they will be secure in retirement. They work hard to ensure their homes are fully paid for. They invest their savings in secure retirement funds. Some even go to the extent of making all the arrangements for their funeral! They have paid for their funeral expenses in advance and even arranged for the pastor of their choice to conduct their funeral service. Somehow, when they have thus provided, these people sit back with a sense of satisfaction that they have taken care of the future!

Now, there’s nothing wrong with us making adequate provision for future material comfort! God expects us to be wise stewards of our resources, financial or otherwise. However, it is tragic when we go to such great lengths to ensure our security and comfort in this life, but give no thought to preparation for what happens to us after death. This is the very point that Jesus was making when he told his disciples the parable of the rich fool. In this parable, the rich man’s fields had produced an abundant crop. The harvest was so great that he had no place to store the increase. He decided therefore that he would tear down the barns that he had, and would build bigger ones. By hoarding his wealth in this manner, he reasoned that he could thenceforth live a carefree life. He had provided well for his material needs as long as he would live. He had not reckoned that he could die at any moment, and that someone else would inherit the wealth that he had hoarded for his own selfish enjoyment. But more importantly, he had not given any thought to provision for his life in eternity!

Now, the truth is that eternity is a reality, and everybody will spend eternity somewhere! We need no more proof of eternity than we do of so many of the natural laws that we take for granted even though we do not understand how they work. Gravity is a good example. The law of gravity operates regardless of whether you believe in it or not. So the issue is not about the truth of eternity, but about where you will spend that eternity! Will it be ‘heaven’ or ‘hell’?

Only those who believe in Christ Jesus will enter the kingdom God has prepared for those who love Him (heaven). ALL those who reject His free gift of salvation will go into everlasting fire (hell). Both of these are eternal states of existence. Once entered, they are irreversible. But the choice of the one or the other is made in this life, not after death. HAVE YOU MADE YOUR CHOICE?

Pastor Joseph Rodrigues

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