Fishing In Michigan

Great Spots For Fishing

Michigan is known as the ‘Great Lakes State’ – and that gives an idea of just how many options there are for the avid fisherman (or woman) to explore the possibilities for hooking up with a number of species in some of the most beautiful spots in North America.

In fact, fishing in Michigan offers so much that the choice of just which bodies of water hold the most attraction can be confusing.

Fishing In Michigan

To make that task just a little simpler here are some great options.

One world-class fishing destination is Lake St Clair, which lies between Lake Huron and Lake Erie. Here the avid fisherman can go head to head with quarry such as yellow perch, Muskellunge, smallmouth bass, walleye, and giant channel catfish.

If you are in search of Walleye, then Union Lake, west of Pontiac is close to the ideal destination. It’s regularly stocked and many of the fish reproduce naturally, so you can be assured that your chosen fish species is just under those placid waters – the challenge is finding the correct spot and using the best baits or lures. It’s also very popular with fly fishermen. Union Lake is also great for some wintertime fun when ice fishing is the name of the game.

Walleye are also the stars at Saginaw Bay on Lake Huron. It sees a large number of competitive events where some of the best in America target this species. However, yellow perch, channel catfish and smallmouth bass also receive their fair share of attention.

Hubbard Lake also offers great fishing for Walleye, but those in search of smallmouth bass, northern pike, walleye, lake trout, whitefish or yellow perch can also be found enjoying the amazing clarity of the waters – which allow for sight casting. It’s also one of Michigan’s best ice fishing spots when the weather turns cold.

Fishing in Michigan offers wonderful opportunities. It’s simply a case of choosing your favorite species and settling in to enjoy a wonderful time on the water.