The Power Of Internet

Just Because You Lost Contact It Does Not Mean That You Care Less

There are many ways to find people online. Depending on when you knew the person, you can try checking with high school websites and going through alumni. You can also do this on a college website where you might be able to find friends from the past.
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Charlie Eissa

Social media gives you ample opportunity to reconnect with old friends. Simply put their name into the social media account of your choice and see if it pops up. It’s important to further narrow it by including pertinent information such as the state that you know they last resided in. This can greatly help to narrow it down.

If that doesn’t work, you could simply try using your favorite search engine and plugging in their name. If you know the state, this can help you to narrow down where they might be. Another method that will sometimes work is to connect with someone in your former friend’s circle and see if anyone has seen or heard from this person. Often you’ll run into someone who knows of the person and you can reconnect that way.

You could post a “want ad” and see if they answer this. Post it in a local paper where you know they last resided. Of course, not everyone wants to be found, and if you’re searching for someone who doesn’t want to be found you may have a bit more of a challenge on your hands. It’s not that difficult to “hide” if you’re trying to change your name or lose something or someone from your past.

For the most part, if you’re trying to find someone online, you’re going to find some sort of tidbit about them when you use your favorite online search engine or social media account. Always start with a search engine and social media for best results.