CPI Certification

Information On CPI Certification

Crisis Prevention Training is provided by a professional organization like the CPI (Crisis Prevention Insititute).

What Is The CPI?

When searching for Crisis Prevention training and education opportunities, the CPI offers a range of training options along with CPI certification and the renewal requirements attached to these courses.

CPI Certification

The CPI (Crisis Prevention Institute), is one of the international organizations that provides certification programs and training based on crisis prevention. This organization specializes in “non-violent” intervention, violence prevention in the workplace, and dementia care. The CPI is dedicated to serving the needs that professionals have that are exposed to and deal with violent, disruptive, and emotionally distraught people.

These courses are not attached to any prerequisites in order to complete training programs. The professionals that usually benefit from CPI training typically include:

Behavioral Health Professionals
Human Services Providers
Health Care Professionals
Service-Oriented Professionals

What Type Of CPI Certification Is Available?

Applicants that complete the 3 or 4-day seminar and successfully pass the program assessment will become CPI Certified Instructors. These programs provide training to participants on the right way to deal with crisis situations, and to provide education to their peers.

Instructor Certification is made available in the sectors of Prepare Training and non-violent crisis intervention. Participants that complete any of these programs might be eligible to carry on receiving education credits made available through their state education, counseling, or nursing boards.

Certified instructors are required to attend renewal courses every 1 to 2 years to retain their credentials. The CPI also has advanced courses for instructors that are already certified in these areas:

Dementia and Alzheimer’s
Autism Spectrum Disorders
Trauma-informed Care
Improving Verbal Skills

On completion of the courses on offer at the CPI, professionals are able to enhance their skills and preparedness in the area of crisis intervention. These professionals are able to demonstrate these skills when they pass the Certification Exam.